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Flow for Advance Authorisation - SION Type of Norm

Dec 22, 2021
Flow for Advance Authorisation - SION Type of Norm

Flow for Advance Authorisation

How to applying for Advance Authorisation SION type of norm- Follow Step

Step 1:- If user is applying for Advance Authorisation SION type of norm, then please select branch code and Type of norm as SION


Step 2:- Port of Registration is search suggestion---applicant can provide the port code or search with Port name.


Step 3:- Select the Custom Notification Number




Step 4:- System will display the Active RCMC details, added by the user in IEC Profile. User has to select at least One RCMC details



Step 5:- In Excise/GST details, system will displays all the branches added by the applicant in IEC Branch details. User has to select at least 1 branch.


Step 6:- In Basic Details Page---Co-Licensee Details are optional, if applicant want to add the Co-licensee details, first please provide the IEC Number, system will fetch the branch details, User has to select the branch code, after selecting the branch code the system will auto-populate the Name of Co-Licensee and Address of Co-Licensee.


Step 7:- In Basic Details---Supporting Manufacturer Details are optional for user whose IEC preferred activity is Manufacturer Exporter or Merchant cum Manufacturer Exporter but Supporting Manufacturer details are mandatory for those users whose IEC preferred activity is Merchant Exporter .


Step 8:- In Basic Details---Industrial Registration, system will display the prefilled details. On clicking on save & next or using the navigation bar, system will navigate the user to next page.


Step 8:- In Export Details, user has to select the export product group, Currency of Import and Free convertible currency.



Currency of Import



Free Convertible Currency





Step 10:- After Export Group Details, user has to fill the Export Items. User has to search the SION Serial Number. E.g.:- If user has selected the Export product group like Handicraft , then the SION serial number will be start

From the F1, F21, F56 like that.






Step 11:- After selecting the SION serial number, system will auto-populate the SION Serial item name in the Items to be Exported/supplied field. User has to fill the item characteristics, ITC(HS) Code, UOM, Quantity and Total FOB/FOR value(in RS). Click on add button, details will get added in the table grid below. 


System will calculate and display the currency conversion in Total FOB (in freely convertible currency) and in Foreign Exchange Rate, system will display the latest CBIC exchange rate for Exports.





In SION Type of norm, if applicant want to add more SION serial number, user can add the SION serial number of the Same export product group only.





Step 12:- In Cumulative Export Value---System will display Grand Total FOB of added export item above, in different currency (INR, Currency of import and Free Convertible Currency ) 



Step 13:- Deemed Export details are optional.




In case if applicant is filling the Deemed Export details and selecting the Supplies to Project 7.02 (B) of FTP then system will provide more fields to the user, which he has to fill.




Step 14:- On clicking save & next of Export Details, system will navigate the user to the next page Input Details.





For SION Norm type, system will display all the digitized Input item, acc to the SION serial number selected by user in export details, system will display the input item.



System is showing the latest CBIC import currency exchange in Foreign Exchange Rate.


If user is not selecting any input item, clicking on save & next, system will prompt the error message. Error Resolution: User has to select any input item and click on edit icon, provide the ITC Code, Quantity required, UOM and Total CIF value (in INR).



If user clicks on the Export serial no hyperlink, system will display the export item details.



User has to select the either Yes or NO for claiming the Appendix 4D. If import item do not fall under Appendix 4J, please tick the checkbox.



In case, if input item falls under the Appendix 4J, then do not tick the checkbox and provide the details into Serial Number and Remarks field.



On clicking save & next or using the navigation bar, system will navigate the user to the next page Additional Input Details Page.



Step 15 : - To add the Supply of Free of cost Inputs (Optional) details, expand the Supply of Free of Cost Inputs section, fill the mandatory details and click on add button. 



Step 16:- To add the drawback claimed details, expand the drawback claimed section, fill the mandatory details and click on add button.




Step 17:- To add the invalidation details, expand the invalidation details section, click on 'select from input list' button, now select the item and click on the add button in the pop-up, once you click on add button the item will be added to the invalidation details list. The added items can be deleted or modified by clicking on the respective icons corresponding to the selected items






 While adding the quantity invalidated, system will prompt the error message if user is trying to provide the quantityinvalidated more than quantity required. Quantity invalidated can be equal or less than quantity required.



Step 18:- For adding indigenous supplier details, expand indigenous supplier details section and click on add supplier details button present in that section, and select from the list

Verify the supplier details and click on save supplier details button, once the save supplier button is clicked the supplier details will be added to the list. Click on 'view input' button corresponding to the supplier added to the list to see the details of the input



Step 19:- For adding items for wastage claim, click on add input item for wastage claim and select the item from the pop-up and click on add button, the item will be added to list. To modify the wastage click on edit button and modify the wastage values or if required, click on the delete button to delete the entire





Click on edit icon, to fill the wastage claimed.





Click on the export serial no, system will display the export item details



Verify the cumulative values, add total exemption values and click on save and next button, to reach attachment page



Step 20:- Add attachments if required by uploading the documents and clicking on add attachment button, then click on save and next button to reach declaration page




Step 21:- Under declaration, accept the terms and condition and click on save and next button to view the application summary.



In case designations is not coming, user has to navigate profileclick on edit and update the designation




Step 22:- An application summary page, click on the print button to view and print the application summary for future references, then scroll down to check the fee of the application. Now click on the sign button after reviewing application summary




Check the Application Summary and click on Sign button to sign the application using digital token or Aadhaar.





Step 23:- Now click on payment, to proceed with the payment, Confirm and proceed to make the payment against application.

For Payment you shall be redirected to Payment Gateway (Bharatkosh). The Application of Apply Advance Authorisation Fee is Rs 500

Step 24:- Post successful payment you will be displayed with the e-receipt, you can click on download and print button to download and print the e-receipt for reference



After Successful Payment the Page shall be redirected to the DGFT Website and the receipt shall be displayed, the use can also download the receipt. In case of failure of Payment, please wait for an hour to reflect the payment from the Payment Gateway(BharatKosh).



Step 25:- Now click on the OK button of the e-receipt. Now your application is submitted and auto-approved, you will receive notifications.



Step 26:- after clicking on OK button, the user will be redirected to track the status of the application, where user can track the status of the application



The AA shall be transmitted to CBIC and the transmission status can be seen by Navigating to “submitted Applications->ActionTransmission Details



Click on Transmission details, new dialog box will open.


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