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How do I complain to Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) ?

Jan 28, 2022
How do I complain to Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) ? - Amitmulani and team

How do I Complain DGFT?

Follow bellow steps for resolving complaint at DGFT,

Step 1:- Login at DGFT 

  • Go to DGFT Website and Login using your IEC number and password.
  • Then click on the “Services” from menu lines and then click “DGFT Helpdesk Service

Step 2:- Request the complaint

  • To register your complain click on “Create new Request”.
  • Then another screen is open where we have to fill the details such as Complaint name, mobile, email I’d, select the concerned DGFT office, and select type of complaint and description about your complaint. 
  • Then submit your request as you submit then “Complaint Number” will be generated.  You may note down that number for further reference. 

Step 3 : - View Complaint Status

  • Come back to the “DGFT Helpdesk Service” then click on “View Request Status” option. Then click on respected Complaint number and now, you can view complaint status in the following screen.

There are others options too in “Helpdesk service” such as View old request where you can see old request status, Call Helpdesk where toll free number 1800-111-550 is mentioned and also Helpdesk Manual where you click it then PDF manual open where they mentioned the re logging process if you are unable to logging in to your DGFT account.

 Same way if you want to do Quality Complaints and Trade Disputes then you have to go at service section and then choose “Quality Complaints and Trade Disputes” and same as above mentioned there are options such as Indian Complaint, Foreign Complaint and Help and FAQs. You have to go through it as same as above explain.

 Notes: Before start any complaint you must logging to DGFT. 

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