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How to Apply for Advance Authorisation Amendment Process (AAA)

Dec 22, 2021
How to Apply for Advance Authorisation Amendment Process (AAA)

AAA - Advance Authorisation Amendment Process


Step 1: -  Under Advance Authorisation, click on Amendment of Authorisation Click on start fresh application.



Step 2:- System will display the autorisation list, select the license number And then click on proceed. System will navigate the user to the Authorisation Details.



Step 3:- User can verify all the details here.



Step 4:- In Basic details, system will display all the details prefilled. User can change the branch code, port of registration and Custom Notification Number but user can’t change the type of norm.



Step 5:- Expand RCMC or Excise/GST Details grid, system will display the prefilled details




Step 6:- In Amendment process, if user want to add Co-licensee or supporting manufacturer details. Expand The grid and fill all the mandatory details.




Supporting Manufacturer



Step 7:- In Export details screen, all details will come auto-prefilled. User can’t change the Export Product Group, Currency of Import and Free Convertible Currency



Step 8:- If applicant wants to add update the quantity Required or Total FOB in INR, user has to click on edit icon and user can only increase the Quantity Required or Total FOB in INR. For other norms type except SION, user can add the Export item.



Step 9: - Now, expand the cumulative export value and verify the auto-populated values based on the export product added and expand the deemed export details section



Step 10:- In input details, user can edit the total quantity required and Total CIF in INR. System will show the quantity invalidated, by clicking on the hyperlink the system will show the details. System will show the quantity imported, by clicking on the hyperlink the system will show the Bill of entry details.

If user wants to add input item, user has to select the Export serial no. , Input as per and fills the Mandatory details




Step 11:- In Additional Input details, if user want to add supply of free of cost, Drawback details or wastage Claimed details, user can fill.



Step 12:- Verify the cumulative values, add the reason for amendment and click on save and next button, to reach attachment page



Step 13:-  Add attachments if required by uploading the documents and clicking on add attachment button, then click on save and next button to reach declaration page



Step 14:- Under declaration, accept the terms & condition, click on save & next to view the application summary.



Step 15:- An application summary page, click on the print button to view and print the application summary for future references, then scroll down to check the fee of the application. Now click on the sign button after reviewing application summary




Step 16:- Click on Sign button to sign the application using digital token or Aadhaar.





Step 17:- Now click on payment, to proceed with the payment, post successful payment you will be displayed with the e-receipt, you can click on download and print button to download and print the e-receipt for reference



Step 18:- Now click on the OK button of the e-receipt. Now your application is submitted and auto-approved, you will receive notifications. 


Step 19:- after clicking on OK button, the user will be redirected to track the status of the application, where user can track the status of the application



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