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ESignature- Register For Aadhar E-Sign in DGFT Website Online

Dec 21, 2021
ESignature- Register For Aadhar E-Sign in DGFT Website Online

Digital Signature Registration For Aadhar Online DGFT Portal

DGFT is introducing support to generic digital signature in the new application which will enable individual and organization-based class-2 and class-3 digital signature certificate (DSC). Support to class-2 and class-3 DGFT IEC based certificates will also continue in the new application for a limited time.



DGFT ESignature Certificates Step by Step Guides 

Step 1:-  Visit the DGFT website and login to the DGFT Portal


Note: Registration of Aadhar E-Sign can only be done once a user has applied for an IEC or linked an existing IEC to the user profile.



Step 2:- Proceed with Register Digital signature details through navigating to My Dashboard->View and Register Digital Signature Token


Step 3:- Enter PAN number, Name as per PAN, and DOB.

Step 4:- Click on Register for Aadhar E-Sign button. A window will open for Aadhar Based eAuthentication on an external website.

Step 5:- Enter your virtual id or Aadhar number and click the Get OTP button. You will receive OTP on your number registered with the Aadhar agency. Enter OTP and click on submit button.


Step 6:- After Successful signing, a Success message is displayed.


Step 7:- Once a user successfully registers the Aadhar E-Sign details then you can view the digital signature details under current digital signature details and you can perform any action on IEC with the active signature.


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