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View and Modify Export Details for Financial Year on DGFT portal Online

Dec 22, 2021

View and Modify Export detail online DGFT

To View/Modify your Export detail corresponding to your Import Export Code (IEC) on the DGFT portal you would process with the following steps:

Step 1:- Visit the DGFT website and login in to the portal with valid credentials.



Step 2:- Proceed by clicking on “My IEC” button on dashboard or from Menu “Services-> Importer Exporter Code (IEC) ”.


Step 3:- Now select the View IEC Profile Tab and click on It


Step 4:- Now Select the Export Details tab from Horizontal bar




Step 5:- Now select Financial Year from the Drop Down to add Export details for One Financial Year.


Step 6:- Now Add Direct Export, Third Party Exports, Total Exports, Supplies to SEZ, Supplies to EOU, Other Deemed Export, Total Deemed Exports and Annual domestic turnover and click on Save button.



Step 7:- Once the detail is successfully saved you can view details of export by selecting Financial Year.


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