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How do I check my DGFT status? | View and Track Submitted Request on DGFT

Dec 22, 2021
How do I check my DGFT status? | View and Track Submit Request on DGFT.  View IEC Related Details - Directorate General of Foreign trade, step by step guide

View and Track Submitted Request on DGFT

To View & Track submitted Requests details corresponding to your Import Export Code (IEC) on the DGFT portal you would proceed with the following steps:


Step 1:- Visit the DGFT website and login in to the portal with valid credentials.


Step 2:- Proceed by clicking on Menu “My Dashboard-> View & Track submitted Applications”.


Step 3:- You can search the Application or File based on two classification and other optional details. Select the type of scheme and sub scheme to track any request, rest all the fields are optional like Branch, From Date, To Date, Application Number & File Number and based on these criterias you can search any file by clicking on search button.

[Example: To Search Surrender IEC file, user will select type of scheme: IEC and sub-scheme: Surrender IEC. This search criteria will give list of all the Surrender IEC Applications submitted to DGFT till date.



Step 4:- After clicking on search, the list of all requests submitted by user will be displayed. User can click on ‘Action’ to check what all actions can be performed on this.


Step 5:- On click of action button for a file, few option will be displayed in drop down menu according to the type of request or application and current status of the application.



Few options available are:

  • Print: To print the submitted application
  • Attach Documents: User can attach extra documents for the submitted request, if the request is in ‘In progress’ status. 
  • Payment Details: User can check the payment details and download the receipt for the submitted application.
  • View Life Cycle: To check the life cycle of the request. Example, to track which action is taken when and by whom.
  • DSC/e-sign Details: To check the DSC and e-sign details.
  • Transmission Details: To track the status of transmission to Customs, CBIC response and CBIC Response time. 

  • View Approved Letter: In case the status of the request is ‘Approved’, then user can check and download the approved letter.
  • Withdraw: If the submitted request is still in ‘In Progress’ state then, applicant has an option to submit another request for withdraw the application. (Note: Withdrawn action is not auto approved, request will be submitted to concerned DGFT officer and accordingly action will be taken by them.)

  • Respond To Deficiency : This option will be available only when the status of the application is ‘Deficient’. Applicant will be able to check the Deficiency details like Deficiency issue date, RA office, Deficiency letter, Remarks and user can respond to this deficiency by clicking on respond. User can respond in two ways either by doing amendments in the previous application or by not amending.



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